1. Our School
  2. Aims

The School's Aims

  •  To provide a caring, stable and stimulating environment conducive to learning.
  •  To foster close links between home, school and the community.  
  •  To promote the Christian, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development of all pupils.
  •  To provide a broad and balanced curriculum, tailored to the needs of each pupil, as required by the NI Reform Order.
  •  To provide a variety of experiences which allow pupils to achieve success and to reach their full potential.
  •  To give pupils a heightened awareness of ICT by making it an integral part of classroom experiences.
  •  To encourage communication skills which provide opportunities to develop personal qualities, eg. self-confidence, independence and self-discipline.
  •  To encourage children to appreciate their environment.
  •  To prepare pupils for the responsibilities and experiences of adult life.