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Admissions criteria

Current Enrolment Number= 137


Primary 1

These criteria will only be applied in the event of the school being over-subscribed in any particular year.  They are listed below in order of priority.


  1. The child has presently, a brother/half-brother, or sister/half-sister in attendance at the school.
  2. Children for whom Cairncastle Primary is the nearest controlled Primary School from the home address as measured by public road using Google Maps, will be given priority.

Duty to Verify

Applicants should note that they may be required to provide documents verifying their address, country of birth and date of birth.


If the requested evidence is not provided to the Board of Governors by the deadline given, this will result in the withdrawal of an offer of a place. Similarly, if information is supplied which appears to be false or misleading in any material way, the offer of a place will be withdrawn.


The maximum number of admissions will be determined each year by the Department of Education.

Current Admissions Number = 20.


Primary 2 - Primary 7

The above criteria will also be used for applications for P2-P7

Whilst oversubscribed, requests for places in P2-P7 will only be considered if a vacancy arises in the appropriate year group or a relevant class and further enrolment is not prejudicial to the efficient use of resources.