1. Curriculum
  2. Using Mathematics

Using Mathematics

  1. To develop a secure foundation of mathematical knowledge and skills, thus enabling each child to attain his or her full potential.
  1. To develop in each child the ability to think clearly and logically as they master a knowledge of mathematical skills.

We the staff of Cairncastle Primary School teach Mathematics because it is enjoyable and an essential tool for life.  We undertake to deliver the Mathematics scheme as prescribed by the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  It is understood by all the staff that Mathematics and Numeracy are one and the same.




  1. To enable all pupils to experience success and pleasure through enquiry, experiment and practical activities.
  2. To develop personal qualities of confidence and perseverance through independent and co-operative work.
  3. To develop in all pupils mental mathematical skills of estimation, approximation and prediction and the ability to use and apply these skills in real life situations.
  4. To encourage the use of ICT to support the teaching of numeracy and to recognise the place of numeracy across the curriculum.
  5. Through recording, reporting and assessment to provide a suitable learning environment for each child, identifying also those children with Special Educational Needs.
  6. To develop the pupils’ confidence in numeracy by giving praise and by providing opportunities for talking and listening to peers and teachers.
  7. To encourage parental involvement in their children’s learning.