1. Curriculum
  2. Physical Education

Physical Education

Through our P.E. Policy in Cairncastle Primary School, we expect to develop children’s understanding of their bodies in action and also promote positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle.  Children will be able to perform with increasing competence and confidence in physical activities which will include Gymnastics, Athletics, Dance, Games and Swimming.  The programme is designed to also develop social and personal skills.  The P.E. programme will develop systematically between P.1 – P.7.  This will ensure the progressive balanced physical development of all children including differing ability levels within classes.  Pupils are also given the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities such as football, hockey and netball. 


All children will be encouraged to:

  1. Participate in PE, bringing in a signed note from a parent if unable to do so
  2. Develop a positive attitude to PE and change into appropriate clothing
  3. Work to the best of his/her ability and take part in all areas of PE
  4. Develop a positive attitude towards fair play and competitiveness
  5. Appreciate physical differences and attitudes in each other and make allowances for them