1. Curriculum
  2. UICT


UICT (Using Information and Communication Technology) is a key priority in Cairncastle's school development plan.  We recognise the ever changing face of UICT and are enthusiastic in responding to new developments.



Pupils have access to ICT through PCs, interactive whiteboards, ipads and tablets.  Each class also has their own digital cameras and digital blue cameras.  All classes have access to the internet and the C2K service which includes software titles appropriate to their curricular needs and learning needs.  Likewise, ipads and tablets have apps available suited to each age group.  Other equipment is available to all classes such as roamers/pixie/Beebots/Probot, CD players, additional headphones, video camera, data logger and additional CD Roms.  P4 – 7 pupils also have access to laptops in their classrooms. 



At Cairncastle we recognise the key role that schools must play in equipping pupils to stay safe on-line. We educate children in e-safety with particular regard to Conduct, Contact and Content.  This is taught throughout the school from teaching Primary 1 pupils about being polite when using the computer to alerting Primary 7 pupils of the dangers of social networking sites.

For Internet Safety Day in February, we conducted our own survey among pupils to find out when they use the internet, for what purposes and what their experiences were like when online.  To find out the results click here.